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We have what most Founders need but can’t access without 2nd or
3rd round Funding.

If you’re a boutique VC or Investor leading a funding round and are looking for additional co-investors, we’d like to hear from you.

Arcanys Ventures are equity partners to start-ups and high-growth businesses through the application of full-time software engineers and critical skill sets that fill out tech teams (UX designers, project managers, QA engineers, business analysts, part-time CTOs, etc.) We do this from our full-time talent pool of 200+ tech experts at Arcanys.

Passive investment is not our thing. Investors have different strengths, ours is closer to the coal-face, and with that advantage and deeper relationship we know every dollar invested or co-invested is smart money.

As a ‘Sweat equity partners’ partner we help Founders:

  • Avoid common set-backs
  • Eliminate inevitable technical hurdles
  • Access deep talent reserves
  • Deploy and leverage technical resourcing
  • Fast track getting products to market
  • Facilitate growth opportunities and success
  • Access deep talent reserves

So, what do you say to a new collaboration?

Will your investment dollar be more effective when your client can successfully execute their product roadmap?

Would your portfolio benefit from having a ‘working’ tech resourcing option that intentionally lowers spend per headcount?

Will your client benefit from pragmatic input to accelerate development and reduce bottlenecks?

Has suggesting ‘outsourcing’ to your client been an uncomfortable conversation because their previous attempts have simply been so bad that they hate the idea?

Are some of the businesses you’ve invested in struggling to attract and place critical skillsets? or simply need an alternative or supplementary strategy?

We value uncomplicated and honest conversations that genuinely explore opportunities with diligence and optimism, so if you’re ready to consider how we might be a solid introduction or collaboration partner, get in touch.

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