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We back bold entrepreneurs through tech resources investment across 2nd & 3rd funding rounds

What our investment partners have to say

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A trusted software operations partner has proven far more valuable to us than simply bringing in a passive investor.

Matthew Bisset, CEO of Register Now

Matthew Bisset

CEO, Register Now

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Our working partnership has been impressive, so at the point of raising funds it made perfect sense to collaborate through investment.

Neil Baker CEO of Medulla

Neil Baker

CEO, Medulla

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Arcanys is a great strategic partner; having them invest as well as develop the software has helped us grow quicker, to be honest.

Steven France, CEO of Bloom Local

Steven France

CEO, Bloom Local

Our portfolio investments

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Arcanys Ventures is...

Not your average investor

Founded in 2016, our singular ambition was to energise the most ambitious founders by getting them WHO they need WHEN they need it.

Arcanys Ventures is the investment arm, for the Philippines’ #1 software tech talent provider (Arcanys), whose founders are Swiss, whose client base exceeds 160 companies worldwide, and whose team is made up of the top 3% of devs in the region.

Interested in greatness

As Entrepreneurs/Founders who’ve been through every stage of the ‘start-up’ journey, we invest in great ideas, great ambition, and a great capacity to deliver.

We know how important it is to access expertise and resourcing NOW to realise your ambitions, achieve the success you deserve without simply accelerating your burn rate.

investment +

With a proven track record supporting and promoting tech innovators, our support goes a lot further for our partners than simply the capital. Arcanys Ventures also offer critical technical guidance and support in many unexpected areas that start-ups encounter.

It all points to being some of the SMARTEST MONEY Founders can access.

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What we offer

Fundraising is time-consuming, stressful, a distraction from what you really want to be doing.

Our key investment differentiator is we can solve the relationship between funding and finding the right people you need quickly, and back that with ‘investment +’ services.

Are you raising to spend on resourcing?

Arcanys Ventures can open the door to expertise and resourcing in a quarter of the time and help you make your funding go much, much further.

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Are you raising capital to spend on tech resourcing?

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