A strategic work-for-equity model

We stand as long-term, committed partners, providing genuine operational support to every venture.
Unlock a custom dedicated team

Worth USD 100k - USD 400k annually (2 to 8 developers, QAs, architect). This represents our equity investment in the round.

Take the driver’s seat

Elevate your product, leading your team as your own and saving precious capital with no salary expenses.

Adaptable futures

We're long-term collaborators, ready to increase support in later rounds or transition as your service provider.

Who we invest in

We're not afraid to take bold steps with gutsy founders, no matter their industry.


The Late-Seed and Series A phases (2nd or 3rd investment round) are where we specialize.


Ideally, you already have at least one in-house lead programmer or coding CTO.


You need to scale your development team with a minimum of 3 full-time software engineers or QAs.


You generate sales and your pre-money valuation ranges between USD 2M and USD 10M.


You are raising at least USD 500k in the current round.


You are a dedicated, enthusiastic founder with the energy to scale and the grit to persevere.

Tell us your story

Hey there, please take some time to provide us information about your startup. This will help us understand if we're in a position to carry-on a preliminary investment discussion with your startup. Thanks 🙏🏼