Backing software founders through tech equity

We invest in promising startups as fully engaged, sleeves-rolled-up tech partners.

Empowering exceptional founders

We back ambitious tech entrepreneurs and their vision in the late-seed and series A stages.
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A trusted software operations partner has proven far more valuable to us than simply bringing in a passive investor.

Matthew Bisset, CEO of Register Now

Matthew Bisset

CEO, Register Now

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Our working partnership has been impressive, so at the point of raising funds it made perfect sense to collaborate through investment.

Neil Baker CEO of Medulla

Neil Baker

CEO, Medulla

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They possess initiative, excellent problem-solving skills, and great personalities.

Mark Nimco

Co-Founder & CEO, Payment Logic

Our portfolio investments

Your hands-on tech investor

We bring in the people you need to accelerate your product, leveraging our team of 300+ in-house software engineers and senior tech advisors.
Slash your development costs and timelines

Skip the lengthy capital-raising and talent-hiring grind by assembling an Arcanys team of pre-vetted software engineers working directly with your company—in weeks, not months.

Nail your product's tech fit

Our senior architects audit your code and offer continuous technical guidance to enhance your product and prevent technical debt.

A strategic work-for-equity model

We stand as long-term, committed partners, providing genuine operational support to every venture.
Unlock a custom dedicated team

Worth USD 100k - USD 400k annually (2 to 8 developers, QAs, architect). This represents our equity investment in the round.

Take the driver’s seat

Elevate your product, leading your team as your own and saving precious capital with no salary expenses.

Adaptable futures

We're long-term collaborators, ready to increase support in later rounds or transition as your service provider.

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